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|__| ____   ___________    ____   ____   _/  |_  ______ ____  ____      __| _/____  
|  |/    \ /  ___/\__  \  /    \_/ __ \  \   __\/  ___// ___\/ ___\    / __ |/ __ \ 
|  |   |  \\___ \  / __ \|   |  \  ___/   |  |  \___ \\  \__\  \___   / /_/ \  ___/ 
|__|___|  /____  )(____  /___|  /\___  ) /\__| /____  )\___  )___  ) /\____ |\___  )
        \/     \/      \/     \/     \/  \/         \/     \/    \/  \/    \/    \/ 
programs by insane of Altair/Rabenauge/.tSCc.


screenshot Fujiology

A demo for the V1.0 release of Lotek Style's Fujiology Project
Released at Sillyventure 2013 demo compo in Gdansk
- code by me - msx by lotek_style - gfx by bracket and ukko

1MB ST / Falcon030 - not CT60 compatible (movep used)

[Download]   [Youtube]   [Demozoo]   [Pouet]
screenshot Fujiology V2.0 intro

An intro for the V2.0 release of Lotek Style's Fujiology Project
Released at STNICCC 2015 128k compo in Gouda
- code+design by me - msx by lotek_style - gfx by bracket and ukko

1MB ST / Falcon030/060

[Download]   [Youtube]   [Demozoo]   [Pouet]
Demo Ports
screenshot HEX PISTOLS

Atari Falcon060 Port - uses DSPMOD 3.4 by biTmASTER/BSW

[Download]   [Pouet]
screenshot PLANET HIVELY

Atari Falcon060 Port - pure SDL port

[Download]   [Pouet]

Atari Falcon060 Port - uses DSPMOD 3.4 by biTmASTER/BSW

[Download]   [Pouet]
screenshot OPENJAZZ

Atari Falcon060 Port of OpenJazz - a Jazz Jackrabbit clone
Still WIP as it's still very slow

Jazz Jackrabbit Shareware Data files are included

[Download]   [OpenJazz Homepage]
screenshot OPENTYRIAN

Atari Falcon060 Port of OpenTyrian - which is in turn a port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian.
Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The story is set in 20,031 where you play as Trent Hawkins, a skilled fighter-pilot employed to fight Microsol and save the galaxy.

WIP - music is disabled - Tyrian 2.1 Freeware Data files are included

[Download]   [OpenTyrian Homepage]
screenshot SPOUT

Atari Falcon030 Port of Spout
Spout is a simple caveflying game. The aim is to get as high as possible, avoiding or destroying obstacles.

Supports Falcon030 RGB/VGA/CT60 JagPad/Joystick/Keyboard

[Download]   [Spout Homepage]
screenshot WORMS ENGINE 060

This is an Engine to play Worms on your Atari Falcon060
You will need the original data files - it does NOT run without them
Thanks to Team17 for the friendly permission to release this engine

Worms(TM). Copyright Team17 Software Ltd. Original Concept by Andy Davidson
Worms(TM) and Team17 are copyrights of Team17 Software Ltd.

[Download]   [Get the data-files on GOG]   [Get the data-files on STEAM]   [DemoZoo]   [Pouet]
screenshot ZATACKA ST

a small party game for up to 4 players - ported from the c64

use your wits and left+right controls to keep your glider alive
random holes in the tails will help you in risky situations
last man standing wins - works on ST,STe and Falcon (TT untested)

[Download]   [DemoZoo]   [Pouet]
screenshot CT60 Boot ROM 1.05

A bugfixed and enhanced (Setup, CTPCI IDE Support) Boot ROM for your CT60/CT63/CT60e
Based upon the Boot 1.03c codebase - do NOT use if you use PCI devices like a Radeon

screenshot DSP Cross Dev Tools

runtos: to run TOS commandline programs under a fast emulation
cldlod: converts cld to lod
lod2p56: converts lod to p56
asm56000.prg: LFN modified and bugfixed version of ASM56000 v4.1.1

screenshot insaneBOOT boot selector
1.0 build 20200429

A boot selector which uses a configureable autoexec config file
Useful if you use CF-Media and don't want any writes on configuration select

[Download]   [Source on GitHub]  
screenshot PARRUN for PARCP-USB

PARRUN allows you to transfer an Atari TOS executable into the Memory of your ATARI
and directly execute it from there without needing any RAM-DISK or Disk Access

based upon PARCP - needs PARCP-USB - executables for Windows, Linux, TOS 1.04+/Magic/MiNT as well as sources included
v1.3: 77kB/s on ST - BSS bug fixed, smaller Windows executable

[Download]   [ParCP Homepage]


screenshot RUSH [1541U2]

Port of Singular Crew's RUSH Demo from IDE64+CDROM to 1541 Ultimate-II with Ultimate Audio+DOS

[Download]   [CSDB Link]
screenshot SERCLONE

SERClone allows programs (mainly GoatTracker, through a replacement hardsid.dll) to play SID sound using a real C64 connected through a cheap 3 wire serial-USB interface at 115200bps. (CA-42 compatible USB data cable)

[Download]   [CSDB Link]
screenshot ZATACKA

A Party Game for 2-4 Players - supporting the CGA/Protovision 4 Player Interface

[Download]   [CSDB Link]


screenshot ATROPL3

Altair OPL3 - also known as "easy-fm" and "sub/fm" is an experimental 2op FM instrument editor which simulates the interface of an subtractive synthesizer.

Unfinished - still missing ADT2 Instrument export and documentation

[Download (DOS)]
screenshot INADT2
ADT2 input plugin v2.4.24 for winamp b20181224

Adds decoding support for several AdLib FM chip formats to winamp and compatible players.
Based upon the AdLib Tracker II play routine.

Formats Supported: .A2M .A2T .AMD .CFF .DFM .FMK .HSC .MTK .RAD .S3M .SAT .SA2 .XMS

[Download (WIN)]
screenshot LLSID

C64 SID Player on OPL3 - featuring pulse width simulation!
Supports YMF262 Emulation (WIN) and real OPL3 (DOS)

[LLSID 1.4 WIN]   [LLSID 1.2 DOS]
OPL3 Patches
screenshot EDLIBO3

a hack for the OPL2 Tracker "EDLIB" which enables OPL3 features like 8 waveforms and stereo support.
Needs original Edlib composer.

[Download Patch]   [EDLIB on Pouet]
screenshot RADOPL3

a hack for the OPL2 "Reality ADlib tracker" which enables access to the 8 OPL3 waveforms.
Needs original RAD-Tracker.

[Download Patch]   [RAD on Pouet]
Synth Experiments
screenshot SYNDER

an old synth tracker experiment which tried to combine PM/FM with SID-like features

not for download - cancelled project

screenshot SYNDER2

rewrite of SYNDER with a better sound engine and user interface

not for download - cancelled project

screenshot SYNDER/PLAYER

SID and AHX player based upon multiple synder sound engines
Created as a sound testing environment for synder tracker

[Download (WIN32/LINUX-AMD64)]

contact: insane(dot)atari(at)gmail(dot)com

last change 04.04.2024